Anastasija Marčenkaitė

  • Height: 173cm / 5'8"
  • Weight: 56kg / 123.46 lb
  • Acting age: 18-25
  • Shoes: 38
  • Clothes:37-38
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Brown


  • Lithuanian*
  • English
  • Russian

Anastasija Marcenkaite is a young Lithuanian actress born in Vilnius. She started her career with a lead role in an acclaimed feature film “Ekskursante/The Excursionist” directed by Andrius Juzenas. “Ekskursante/The Excursionist” has won Silver Cranes for Best Actress and Best Screenplay at the Lithuanian Film Awards in 2014 and Nika Award for Best of the CIS and Baltics Film in Nika Awards in 2014. Since then Anastasija has acted in the TV series “The Romanoffs” created and directed by Matthew Weiner starring Diane Lane, JJ Field and Aaron Eckhart. In 2017 she was cast in a role of Princess Elizabeth of Wied in a film “The man who knew 75 languages” directed by Pawel Debski and Anne Magnussen. Anastasija has also acted in an internationally acclaimed feature film “The Owl Mountain” that has won The Diamond Award in the European Independent Film Awards, The Best Picture and Best Original Score in the Festigious International Film Festival in 2018. She is currently studying at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre an starring as a lead role in Lithuanian TV series “Paveldetoja”.