Severina Špakovska

  • Height: 165cm / 5'4"
  • Weight: 52kg / 114.64 lb
  • Acting age: 25-30
  • Shoes: 39
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown


  • Lithuanian*
  • English
  • German
  • Polish
  • Russian

Latest projects:

Severina Spakovska is an Eastern European actress from Trakai, Lithuania. Severina has a master degree in acting from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Her first role in feature film was in “Summer of Sangaile” directed by Alante Kavaite - a film that was nominated for 21 and has won 11 awards in various film festivals among which are the Sundance Film Festival, Stockholm Film Festival, Czech Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Athens International Film Festival, Art Film Festival and IBAFF International Film Festival. Severina’s first role in an international production was in a German TV film “Wunschkinder” directed by E. Atef in 2016. The same year she also acted the only female role in a Polish action thriller “The High Frontier” directed by W. Kasperski. The film has won 4 awards of various Polish film festivals. In 2017 Severina has starred in 10 episodes of a Lithuanian history drama TV series “Partizanai: Laisvės kaina” and acted in a Polish TV series “The Border” that won the award for Best Fabular Series in the Polish Film Awards in 2018. Recent hightlights of Severina’s career include roles in Norwegian TV series “Occupied”, feature film “Sobibor” directed by Konstantin Khabenskiy and internationally acclaimed feature film “The Owl Mountain” that has won The Diamond Award in the European Independent Film Awards, The Best Picture and Best Original Score in the Festigious International Film Festival in 2018. Severina is fluent in English, Russian, Lithuanian and Polish, she also speaks a little German.

Severina is a proud member of Lithuanian Karaim Community. She is representing her unique heritage by singing traditional songs and preserving the traditional recipes of her Karaim Cuisine. She also is a dancer: mostly street dances and other styles including free movement.

For several years Severina has been working as a Clown Doctor in Red Noses International, bringing laughter and joy for those in need, working in children hospitals, elderly houses, refugee camps etc.